May. 1st, 2010

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Basically a writer uses her kid's toys to promote her books. I chuckled. Taken from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.
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Linkara's History of Power Rangers analytic review series is leaving me nostalgic, so I looked up some Bulk, and Skull bits. These two were my favorites as a kid. Rewatching now, and while some bits are cringe worthy, on the whole it takes me back. Some of them are still decently good now. I also have to admire how the actors have fun with the roles, despite the cheesy humor. It works well. At least for me, I pick up on their enthusiasm, and it really adds to the humor. They also had a rocking theme that I remember to this day.

There's loads more collections by the same guy out there. Not the greatest stuff for newcomers, but some nice nostalgia for those of us who grew up in the US (not sure if the show made it out of the US) during the '90s. Also, I hope '90s style fashion stays in that decade and never pops back like other decade fads.

On the thoughtful side, its funny how I was drawn into the show for A) the martial arts, and B) mecha. Two things I still enjoy to this day. However, what I remember the most are these two clowns.
Watched a bit more, and it is interesting how the mostly slapsticky pie in the face humor evolves to stuff that's slighty more clever. The slapstick remains, but it becomes gradually more subtle. The two characters are allowed to talk more, and we see some puns and some other bits.

The better example is probably the bit at the end of video four involving Bulk & Skull on their first plane trip. There is slapstick, but where the two really shine is there interactions with each other, and others. This bit is especially interesting as their polite, if humorously so, behavior contrasts with their generally irreverant and dicksh attitude. It makes sense since they are genuinely thankful to ride the plane. However they are kids at heart, so they return to being jerks after. But its an interesting change of pace of pratfalling into a pie. And if my memory serves correctly, the humor continues to evolve.

But its still very cheesy.
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This journal is geared towards what I'm watching, reading, playing, and poking fun at the stuff I love or don't like so much. I can be thoughtful, but more often than not its about a kid's book or a videogame or something similar.

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