May. 3rd, 2010

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Time for another installment of webcomic recs. I meant for this to be a weekly thing, but I found some awesome webcomics that I want to share as soon as possible. This version is going to have more images, just so you can have more of a mini-preview of the art/style of the comic. I will go back and format the past versions in line with this one when I have the time. Feel free to rec me cool comics, and tell me if I'm missing important information.

Name: Virtuoso
Created and Written: Jon Munger
Art work: Krista Brennan
Production design: Mandy McGee (web and printed copy), Thom Becker (printed copy)
Pages as of this date: 20
Last update: Apr 20, 2010
Status: Ongoing

IMHO: Steampunk in Africa, how cool is that? While a very young webcomic it shows a lot of promise. The characters are interesting and I really enjoy the world building. Art is spiffy too. Considering how short it is, anything I say might spoil you, so go read if this looks good to you!
2 more comic recs under the cut )
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Title: Kaibutsu-kun
Running Time: One Hour
Info: Jdrama Wiki
Genre: Fantasy comedy

You know with visuals as cool as this, that its gonna be a great show! :D

About 35 pictures under the cut. )

Still haven't quite made the 10 minute mark, but I have to stop here. Future installments will probably be less picture intensive. Got a bit carried away this time. Mostly I just wanted to show off to give you a flavor for the Monster World. Things get less scenic eventually.

So far this show seems cheesy, and funny. Two things I enjoy immensely. And sorry for the little black bars at the bottom of each cap. If I crop too much, some of the text gets lost.


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