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So one day I was surfing the net and found a free e-book called Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium. It was steampunk and had a quirky female lead, so that pdf was on my harddrive in under a minute. Unfortunately keeping my attention to a pdf was too hard, so I ended up buying the book. And it was great. So here’s some blabbering about why I love this book and why you should give it a whirl if you like steampunk, grrl power done right, or just want a quick, fluffy actiony read.



Synopsis: There’s Arcadia Snips, a Crazy Awesome lady thief who sometimes forgets she’s a thief. Then there’s William Daffodil, a mathematical genius trying to escape the mad scientistism that seems to appear in everyone in his family. Miss Primrose is a lady detective. That and her suffragette streak keep her from being the perfect lady. There’s also Mr. Watts, savior of some of the Queen’s finest courier pigeons. They all must work together to stop a not so ancient conspiracy, an assassin who prefers not to be mistaken for the hero Von Grimskull, and mad mathematics. A comedic, actiony, and fast paced story.



Its Steampunk

All the women are badass in their own ways

Actually the entire cast is pretty entertaining

Clever, funny, yet not headache inducing prose

Tight, fast paced writing

The story itself is pretty good



Big cast, I was left wanting more development (also hard to remember some if you have a terrible memory like me)

I have to wait for the sequels



Part one of a trilogy. It’s a complete story, but there are plot hooks for the next two books.



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