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So I finally got around to watching Ryuusei no Gemini. And I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.

  • The whole ambiguity (or not really) of dolls and contractors. Basically the whole, emotion versus reason thing. I really loved how it played out in many of the contractors/doll, especially Hazuki/July/Shion.
  • pacing
  • The bulk of the cast (idk, it takes talent for me to care about 1 shot characters, ones meant more for thematics than plot, or double agent CIA shotacon dudes. But this show manages it)
  • Misaki doing lots of cool things (instead of just falling on her face over and over and over)
  • July/Suou's friendship
  • To be honest the 'main plot' left me kind of 'meh'. Especially the ending. I mean it was really touching to see that Shion's plans all along were to make a happy life for his sister, yet at the same time you realize that all of Suou's actions were more of the 'life is the path traveled' thing than actual accomplishments towards the plot. Well I mean she does do things, but its all predetermined by destiny/her brother so~
  • I found Hei boring without his Li persona. TBH, I never really cared about him/Yin romance thingy so that entire thing was kind of a blankly staring and waiting for the cool stuff to come back. Actually in season 1 I never really cared about Yin (DtB heresy here) so I guess by extension I really don't care about the stuff surrounding her?
  • We see Suou and July make it on, but do folks like Nika/Tanya/April make it to the parallel world? Probably. I know its technically not that important but it would be nice to see.

I really loved this episode. Poor Fumiaki. And the ending was hilarious. Though the whole love/hate thing with jerk parents really touched me (its kinda personal). While I really enjoyed the character development (especially seeing Maya's friendships) its also nice to see that the show remembered the alien invasion thing (I've watched too many shows get derailed -_-'). One thing that's interesting is Kozue. She's a constant Damsel in Distress, yet she's so cute and lovable that you continue to root for her. A DID done well?
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