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Paradise Kiss

Finished Paradise Kiss. Overall its a good experience if you want to see a lot of romance cliches taken to their tragic conclusion. Its an interesting read, and for the most part not as depressing as it sounds. Although there are parts where I just wanted to shout "break up already" at the main couple. Though I admit the ending knocked me over. ending spoilers )

Deka Wanko
more gibbering, not much spoilers )


I am rereading. I'm picking up on a lot of the jokes I'd forgotten over the years. Apparently the newest chapters are out, so I finally finished it (though I spoiled myself with the special). IDK, I really love this comic. Its just a chock full of ordinarily bizarre humor. Mostly low brow stuff, but occasionally some clever stuff. Its hard to describe. Kumiko is one of my favorite protags ever. Mostly because she reminds me of me, oddly enough. Though my life has a lot less awesome beatdowns. Watching the art style shift is also neat. I didin't even recognize chapter 1 Shin since his hair changes so much. Though the others are pretty recognizable since they aren't bishonen.

spoilers for last chapters of last volume )

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Deka Wanko

I read the first two volumes and really love it. It has a similar feel to Gokusen, yet its different enough to stand on its own. The story is about a girly detective with super smelling abilities. She's assigned to Squad 6 and the manga is pretty much them solving cases. Its better than it sounds. Mostly because of the nakamaish vibe around the squad, Ichiko (the protag) working her way into it, and the slow reveal of all the characters. Yet the pacing of the cases help to make things seem fast moving. Its a nice mix that works. The humor is also weird, and low brow. But I enjoy that kind of humor. The only thing that bothers me is the art. I feel like at times its a bit stiffer than the Gokusen art, but on the other hand the artist has gotten better at facial expressions. Though I really do like it despite that. I can't wait for volume 3.

Paradise Kiss

After troping it, I decided to take the plunge. And its worth it. I really love the dialogue and narration. It feels much more natural than most romance manga I've read. I also know the ending, which has made some parts easier to read. Spoiler alert, hints to ending. )Though I'm only 3 volumes into it, so I'm not done yet. IDK, I really love comics that can have complex themes, yet manage to actually work them into the story. Also, the costume porn is great. :D


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