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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter 0
Whole Show Synopsis:
Japanese demons/monsters live among us (to varying degrees) in Yakuza-like group structures. Many of the groups, sensing weakness in the young heir of the grand daddy of the groups, decide to try to take over. Thus gang warfare ensues. Mass generalization here.

Chapter Synopsis: An introduction to the main house, the main characters and what not. Not the most exciting but more stimulating than the anime.

Wow, manga!Kana and manga!Nura have distinct personalities! More characterization in one chapter than in 7 episodes of anime. So uh, huzzah to deciding to read the manga. Also the demons do more things! :D

Anime isn't all bad. But ngl, Yura and THIS IS MY INDOOR VOICE really steal the show. Kana and Nura are boring shonen leads.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending
His Dark Materials & Blood and Chocolate. Already talked about HDM so B&C time.

Essentially the ending is a SURPRISE romantic interest when the story probably would've meant more if the lead just stayed single. She's a young teen with a butt ton of issues to unpack, along with a butt ton of immaturity and self-centeredness to get over. Along with the whole story being a deconstruction of paranormal romance, the ending made little sense. But THIS. IS. ROOOOOOOMANCE! and the lead needs a dude so lets slap in the other guy that had more than a few lines. The older guy (he's 24/she's 16, woo~) that the protagonist's own mom was chasing cat wolf fighting over not too long ago. The one that was continually painted as a jerk and had like 5 minutes of romantic build up. This ending doesn't make me think, super romantic. It makes me think once the girl is pregnant the douche is gonna run off or something.

Actually this book is making me think of the whole human/monster divide. Like how much you can suspend your disbelief before you start mentally seeing vampire/werewolf/other as humans w/ superpowers as opposed to a different species. B&C tried to do the 'monsters are super different and must stick to their own kind' yet the werewolves came off as superpowered people to me, so it became a morals dissonance rather than 'this was a really cool spin on old ideas'.
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