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If Yulianne hadn't already been my favorite character this chapter definitely seals it. So badass. Its also interesting to see what's under her armor (less perverted than it sounds).

A Tio/Shade friendship isn't what I had been expecting, yet at the same time it is so adorable!

The Nagi/Camelot moments are pretty funny/cute too. Its nice to see something besides older woman likes younger dude ~ewwwww grooosss~ jokes (I can't remember this show having any). Mostly its just childish slapstick.

I now present probably the cheesiest and most hilarious point in this show, the Bright Samba. I also wonder if little sister Altessa learned to dance this way too.

So essentially the plot of this episode is that Bright's controlling people by dancing (and w/ mind control music). Shade and Altessa decide to sabotage the music machine. Fine, Rein, and Lione decide to give Tio a makeover so he can challenge Bright to a dance off.

Altessa's reaction to Shade's lone wolf routine is amazing. Though they're wearing ear plugs, so its more gag than loner routine.

Tio's grand makeover. Why yes that is a tree strapped to his back.

Tio tries to dance, but with a tree on his back, he can't. Thus the danceoff ends badly.

Tio laments his failure. Considering he's been the butt monkey up until now, its not just pointless angst. Its actually a sad moment. Until Big Sis Lione steps up and cheers him up. Its an oddly compelling and heartwarming moment considering the audience has been laughing at Tio's suffering for 30 odd episodes by now.

Shade ruins Bright's mind control music, just as Tio begins a sword dance. And the crowd loves it. Sore loser Boomo, the creature that's manipulating Bright into evil dance mind control and other such devious plots, lets loose fire. The twins save the day and the show ends with a dance. What's great is that even Shade is roped into it by Rein. The twins also do one of their redonkulous emotion dances as legit dancing.

Low Quality Example of Emotion Dance


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