Apr. 30th, 2010

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Saving this for future use. Both for when I want to read, add things, and see if people added stuff.
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You remember back in the day those choose your own adventure books? The ones that tended to have random deaths at every turn and lulzy, 80/90s-tastic covers?

Well guess what.

Kids of this generation get them in comic book form. And they look decently well written to boot.

So jealous. I want one.

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This isn't meant to be a complete list of the comics I like. More recommendations to stuff that I never really see people talk about, so I assume its underrated (I could be very wrong). And this is hardly a complete list of comics I want to recommend, just a start of what may be a series of sorts.


Trying Human
Alien meets girl. Alien likes girl. But girl has a boyfriend. Who conveniently disappears. Conspiracies, alien politics, and mysteries abound in this comic. Its well drawn, and updates regularly.

A black, and white webcomic about a fantasy world that's not a generic mishmash of Europeaness. Also most of the cast are diverse women, who aren't talking about men so it also passes the Bechdel Test. Its hard to describe this comic, as it is "young", but as of now it seems good at establishing characters, while developing the story, and world. Basically one day Acolla wakes up from being dead, now has strange new powers and must learn to deal with them. All while interacting within the framework of her world, and reevaluating her place in it.

Memento Mori

Victorian fantasy about a cranky pants necromanceress (is this a real word?), and her ghost partner as they solve various supernatural mysteries. I love the interactions between the two protagonists.

Chava & Don Andres
A wordless comic that takes place in Mexico. There's a boy who ran away from home, a magical old man, a luchador that fights crime, and they're all interconnected. I found the art pretty amazing. Its also very friendly to those that speak Spanish.

The Meek
This comic is actually gaining popularity, though again I think more should read it. Amazing art, and a well crafted story. Its still a bit young so the 'flow' is still being shaped. As of now we have a young girl set on a quest, and another arc involving the politics of various countries. The comic is good at being realistic yet not so depressing. The fantasy world is also interesting in the details, and step away from the typical fare.

Evil Diva
A devil girl who defies norms, and decides to be good. Light-hearted, very funny, and I love the art.

Mostly I'm brief in descriptions because I don't want to spoil. I might do a more critical analysis of some webcomics later on, but a lot of these are newish so it doesn't feel right.


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